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3.26.18 – BSP Speaks at 7th Automotive Cyber Security Summit

March 26-28 the 7th Automotive Cyber Security Summit will be hosted in Detroit. Partner Bill McDonald, along with Beth Hill of FordDirect, Emily Frascaroli of Ford Motor Company, Erinn DePorre of General Motors and James Derian of Delphi Automotive Systems, will be presenting “Securing Vehicles of the Future: Privacy, Cyber Security and Product Liability.” They will discuss how the rapid technological development of connected and autonomous vehicles requires fresh and constant attention to physical and cyber security.  The panel will explore the future design and development of cyber security elements within vehicles of the future and discuss the corresponding legal considerations.  With the lack of special legislation, courts look to traditional legal principles to apply to these increasingly complex issues.  This session will focus on how the fundamental liability principles would apply to a crash involving vehicles of the future.

To learn more about the 7th Automotive Cyber Security Summit, click here.

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