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7.18.18 – BSP Speaks at ACI Automotive Product Liability Litigation Conference

July 18-20 the American Conference Institute (ACI) hosted their Automotive Product Liability Litigation Conference at TheWit Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The conference addressed the challenges of the automotive industry’s emerging legal and regulatory paradigm that comes with the advancement of technology, especially with autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

Partner Bill McDonald will be presented “Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities for the Self-Driving Car: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Interconnectivity and Associated Risks” alongside Dr. David Cades of Exponent and Michael McCaskey of Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP. The presentation covered what requirements for connectivity exist currently under the present regulatory scheme, prevailing industry standards, anticipating the regulations to address the protection of personal privacy in AV technologies, data that onboard computers collect, and understanding the modern technological vulnerabilities and hacking capabilities.

To learn more about ACI’s Automotive Product Liability Litigation Conference, click here.

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