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Commercial / UCC

BSP’s Advanced Capabilities

  • Commercial Contract Disputes
  • Business Torts
  • Unfair Competition and Trade Secret Matters
  • Corporate Governance Claims
  • Merger and Acquisition Disputes
  • Consumer Warranty Claims
  • Real Estate Issues

Representative Matters

  • Obtained rescission of a multi-million-dollar option agreement based on misrepresentation of the purchaser.
  • Enjoined suppliers from discontinuing the shipment of goods and threatening the shutdown of automobile assembly plants.
  • Trial and appellate counsel for a high-tech manufacturing portfolio company in a $4 million royalty dispute involving extensive electronic discovery issues and an accounting before a special master.
  • Lead counsel for a mining company in $25 million breach of lease action involving complex hydrogeology and geology issues.
  • Defended the CEO of a closely held financial-services company through trial and appeal in litigation involving claims of shareholder oppression, breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Represented a major marketing and business-services company in non-competition, confidentiality, and trade-secret misappropriation action against former executive team.
  • Counsel for a prosthetics and medical equipment company in a multi-million dollar trademark and post-closing adjustment action arising out of divestiture of a line of business.
  • Counsel for private acquirer of a multi-state fast food franchisor in the defense of a $3.5 million action involving contractual and business tort claims.
  • Represented a Fortune 100 petroleum company against shareholder claims for declaratory and injunctive relief.
  • Lead counsel for defendant racing corporation in shareholder action for oppression, breach of fiduciary duty, and books and records.
  • Lead counsel for a major HMO in a series of contractual disputes with several physician groups.
  • Obtained multi-million dollar settlement as lead counsel to plaintiff investor in fraud, embezzlement, and fiduciary-duty action against former partner in health care business.
  • Lead counsel for engineering firm in multi-party action involving a complex kickback scheme.
  • Counsel for major physician group in tortious-interference action involving complex peer review and HIPAA issues.

Representative Clients

  • Accenture
  • Community Programs
  • Dialog Direct
  • Farouk Systems, Inc.
  • Guardian Industries
  • Health Alliance Plan
  • Jet Direct
  • LenderLive
  • Norma Americas
  • PulteGroup, Inc.
  • Roush Industries
  • ValuFax

Attorneys Focusing On This Area

Roger P. Meyers
Cheryl A. Bush
Patrick G. Seyferth
Moheeb H. Murray - Partner 2 Moheeb H. Murray
step_main Stephanie A. Douglas
Michaelr_main Michael R. Williams
will_main William E. McDonald, III
Molly K. Conway-Mannor
Jessica V. Currie
Danielle J. Hessell
Andrea K. Hopkins
Mark F.C. Johnson
Brittney D. Kohn
Amy Bice Larson
Susan M. McKeever
Grant A. Newman
Vincent C. Sallan
Jason M. Schneider
Michael K. Steinberger
Stephen D. Winter
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