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BSP Secures Unanimous Arbitration Award in Business Dispute

After three trial days consisting of more than 20 hours of witness testimony and more than 60 exhibits, BSP attorneys Roger Meyers and Michael Steinberger secured a significant victory for their clients in a recent AAA-administered arbitration.  The case involved a complex business dispute arising out of numerous interrelated entities, an intricate financing package, and sales of ownership interests.  Meyers and Steinberger pursued several business-tort claims on behalf of the claimants against the controlling members of the entities.  During the pre-hearing phase, BSP prevailed on three consecutive motions to compel, securing critical evidence that the respondents had attempted to conceal, then defeated the respondents’ motion for summary disposition in its entirety and with prejudice.  The victories continued with wins on two key motions in limine as the respondents continued their efforts to suppress the evidence.  Ultimately, the three-member arbitration panel ruled decisively in BSP’s favor, finding the respondent liable for statutory oppression, breach of fiduciary duty, and conversion and issuing a substantial monetary award.

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