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BSP Law Attorneys Enjoyed Two Wins in Key Appeals Before Top Appellate Courts Recently

In one appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, BSP member Michael Williams secured a reversal of a $2.2 million judgment against the former president of a life-sciences company accused of trademark infringement. In a published decision, the Fourth Circuit held that the president was not properly added to a judgment in the trademark suit because he had never been named as a party in the suit against the company. The Fourth Circuit had specially appointed Michael to represent the former president on appeal, and he was assisted by former BSP Law attorney Brittney Kohn.

In another appeal before the Michigan Supreme Court, Michael and Brittney represented the Modular Home Builders Association as amicus curiae in support of two successful appellants seeking to protect their dream home. David and Helen Goyings built a “system-built” home in a community with restrictive covenants barring “modular homes.” Their neighbors sued, and the Court of Appeals ordered that the home be torn down. In a 5-2 decision, the Supreme Court reversed, holding that the Goyings’s home was not a “modular” home subject to the covenants because it was not made up of predominantly modular components. BSP’s brief on behalf of an industry trade group had argued exactly that.

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