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BSP Responds to COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time for everyone.  But at BSP, we’re still here to help.

First things first: BSP is running at full speed.  In support of the Governor’s efforts to “flatten the curve,” attorneys and staff in both Troy and Kalamazoo are working remotely to continue serving our clients.  Luckily, our team was already connected with the latest tools, so you can still easily reach us via phone, email, video conference, or fax. 

We expect our offices to remain closed for the next few weeks, and we are limiting travel.  But with a nationwide practice, the firm is used to solving problems without being present in the room. 

We are, of course, ready to help clients with the same litigation-focused needs that we have before.  Courts are different places during this pandemic.  We can help you navigate them, as we are already doing for some of Michigan’s biggest manufacturers and service providers.   We know how to communicate with judges to help them understand the challenges you’re presently facing.  And if you need to seek relief during this time of crisis, we can help with that, too.

The law is changing rapidly in the face of this mounting challenge.  New timing rules for case filings and expanding assertions of executive power raise significant questions of legality.  We can help you assess what these changes mean, and we are used to offering critical, cross-case analysis.

We are also helping clients cope with the non-litigation impacts on their business.  Supply-chain challenges are common.  New employee risks are developing.  New insurance coverage issues are developing.  And how are businesses supposed to comply with the new remain-at-home order?  We know how to navigate business risks like these–and others.  Reach out. 

Over the coming days, we expect to offer further updates and analysis on this changing landscape.  Keep your eye on this space.  But weathering COVID-19 is about more than client-update emails or webinars.  We want to stand with you as partners as we all work to ensure the continuing success and safety of our businesses, communities, and families.

Be well.

Bush Seyferth PLLC

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