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Data Security in the Work-From-Home Environment

In March—by necessity—many companies worked swiftly to convert to work-from-home businesses, taking a fast-track to get employees remote access to confidential files, work systems, webchat, and video conferencing.  A business may have spent years developing a secure server infrastructure, but does your employee’s wi-fi network even require a password?  Are your work-from-home personnel taking confidentiality for granted when the fastest-growing data security risk is “zoombombing,” an organized cyberattack where a teleconference or chat is hijacked, recorded and exploited online?

While working from home has many benefits, it also creates serious security risks that businesses and law firms must be mindful of.  A data breach will have consequences ranging from loss of business opportunities, private customer information being exposed, and possibly government agency investigations due to a failure to protect consumers.  It will also affect your business.  According to the Privacy and American Business and Trusted Privacy Index, 89% of US consumers will avoid companies that they do not trust to protect their information or use it properly.  Furthermore, 68% of US consumers consider privacy and security before doing business.  Now more than ever, it is imperative for businesses to consider data security in all facets of what they do.

Getting ahead of data security risks often requires coordinating with many departments.  BSP has advised clients on data-security issues ranging potential security breaches to connected vehicles and devices and is well-equipped to assist with the challenges and potential litigation created by the current state of the national workforce.

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